QT Mobile acquires active and engaged users for your mobile app on a CPI/CPE performance basis, so advertisers only pay when a user installs or reaches key in-app milestones. As the leading mobile user acquisition agency in APAC, we operate on a global scale working directly with the world’s largest brands and app developers utilising exclusive traffic sources from our prized tier-1 premium publisher network.
With exclusive global inventory and unrivalled mobile marketing expertise, QT Mobile is uniquely positioned to drive rapid expansion of your mobile user base, with a strong emphasis on retention and LTV.

Exclusive Traffic Sources

We nurture extremely strong relationships with global direct publisher partners to provide advertisers with exclusive traffic sources and high-quality inventory that is not available via any other channels. Advertisers can leverage our traffic sources and gain access to the best display and video inventories available on mobile to acquire highly-engaged users at scale in any target geo across the globe.

Global Reach & Highly Refined Targeting

With high-quality inventory and worldwide traffic, advertisers can reach millions of users in all corners of the globe, focusing solely on your target geo. We segment mobile users into specific groups using a detailed approach to develop highly-refined user targeting based on general interests, location, operating system and device.

Active & Engaged Users

We focus on driving active and engaged users with high retention and LTV, rather than simply just delivering installs. Publisher traffic is constantly monitored by our quality assurance team to ensure that only the best performing sources deliver the bulk of volume on all campaigns, while any under-performing traffic sources are quickly identified and phased out.

Tracking & Optimisation

QT Mobile is an integrated partner with all leading attribution tracking platforms including Adjust, Tune, AppsFlyer and Kochava. This enables the QT dashboard to track all levels of user engagement and post-install events within your app as they occur, providing actionable insights and data to optimise each campaign in real-time.

Attributing a unique traffic source identifier to key metrics such as retention and in-app purchases, and then optimising accordingly ensures that advertiser KPI’s are not only met, but exceeded.

Pay Only For Performance

QT Mobile’s app marketing campaigns are run purely on a performance basis, which means you only pay when real users install or complete a specific action within your app. Advertisers no longer have to burn through budgets on under-performing programmatic CPM where you are charged based on the number of impressions your ads receive, instead you are only billed for each successful install or engagement.



for your mobile app on a CPI/CPE performance basis



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